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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood trophies spoil mission locations


It appears the trophy (and presumably Achievement) list for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood has made its way online. Frustratingly for Platinum hunters, it appears Brotherhood will require you to collect all the flags and all the feathers in the game in order to unlock the elusive trophy. Drat! In addition, there are new multiplayer trophies for the new online portion of the game.

If you're concerned about spoilers, now would be the time to look away. Scanning the trophy list, we can garner three locations for missions: Rome, Spain and the present day. "Dust to Dust" requires you to collect an artifact in the present day, which may suggest that Desmond's abilities will be put to test in the sequel. There are also "VR Missions," which we can only hope will be inspired by Metal Gear Solid's wackier levels.

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