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Belkin's Conserve Gateway checks in with the FCC, may be at your utility company

Darren Murph

Belkin just got official with its Converse Gateway wireless energy monitoring system earlier this month, and already it looks to be making a beeline to your local utility company. As the temperatures drop and energy use skyrockets, this here setup is designed to attach to a smart meter on the exterior of your home and beam information about usage to your PC (in a nutshell, anyway). Any smart device that's connected in your home can be listed in the UI, giving you a heads-up as to what youngster is burnin' up the most juice when you leave on business for the weekend. Per usual, a stop by the FCC's database generally signals a near-term release in the US of A, with Wireless Goodness suggesting that these are already starting to pop up around the country. Though, you'll have to phone up your local energy company to inquire about a professional installation -- we don't get the impression that these are going to be stocked at Wally World.

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