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Do panic: Aqua Panic! surfaces on PSN for North America Oct. 19


Already available in Europe, Eko Software's Aqua Panic! is finally going to wash up on North American shores on October 19 -- a little behind the originally anticipated May release. The game, which sprang from the PSP release Downstream Panic!, has players controlling the flow of water in order to guide presumably panicked creatures to safety.

Browse the gallery below to wet whet your appetite for the game's cutesy art style.

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Aqua Panic! Launching On PlayStation 3
Eko Software takes highly acclaimed PSP game to the PlayStation Network

PARIS, FRANCE – October 12, 2010 – Eko Software, a leading independent video game developer and publisher announced today its highly acclaimed puzzle game, Aqua Panic! will launch in North America October 19, 2010 for the PlayStation 3.

In the game, a giant cyclone caused an ecological disaster by sucking up a million fish. Tanks of water are immediately assembled throughout the world so that all the fish can be returned to sea. Gamers make sure the sea creatures are returned quickly and safely back into the sea using various tools to control water flow.

"With the success from Aqua Panic's PSP release, we know fans will enjoy the game on the PlayStation 3," said Jules-Benjamin Lalisse, President of Eko Software. "The PlayStation 3 version will not only be as addictive, but the online component will have gamers showcasing their saved sea creatures competitively with each other."

Aqua Panic! features 80 levels and 5 environments including spring, summer, autumn, winter, and inferno. Gamers can play in three game play modes- adventure, free play, and survival. 15 incredible tools for missions- bombs to dig the ground, plants to deflect the flow, or Ice to freeze the water and to make it solid. Ferocious enemies to defeat- like hungry seagulls, sliding penguins, and narcoleptic sharks.

PlayStation 3 features for Aqua Panic! consist of an online scoreboard, true 1080p HD graphics, trophies, and BGM support.
Aqua Panic! is rated E by the ESRB in North America and will be available on the PlayStation Network October 19th.

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