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Form and function in Fallen Earth's latest state of the game


There's been a lot of excitement in the Fallen Earth community over the upcoming combat changes, and in producer Dave "Archangel" Haydysch's latest state of the game address, he assures everyone that the anticipation is worth it. "As I mentioned," Haydysch writes, "this is the FIRST iteration... we will use your feedback to make further adjustments and improvements to the system until we feel the system is ready to go live."

He urges players to participate on the public test server, where numerous systems are being tested, including these combat upgrades and the upcoming Faction Control Points, which should add spice to the PvP play in the game.

Looking at future patches, Haydysch reports that the team will be revamping combat skills and mutations relating to each of Fallen Earth's six factions. The team is also working hard on bringing additional visual improvements to the wasteland, which "will improve the look and feel of the world as a whole." These improvements are scheduled to hit the game at the same time as the next live event, which is so far a mysterious mystery shrouded in mysteriousness.

Finally, Haydysch acknowledges additional selections will become available in the Rewards Store, including (drum roll please) more space for inventory-starved adventurers. You can read the full state of the game report over at Fallen Earth.

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