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Free 'Midnight Movies' on PSN every Saturday night


Starting this Saturday, the PlayStation Store will update with one free movie rental as part of its "Midnight Movies" promotion. But, there's a catch! You'll need to sign on to the PSN between 8PM and 6AM EST. This weekend's movie will be Bram Stroker's Dracula. If you're up late playing some games on a Saturday night, might as well get a free movie download, right?

Update: Here's the official word from Sony. This deal likely applies only to members of the US PSN.
Halloween is here! This week you can find your favorite monsters, zombies and blood-thirsty creatures all in one place. Get incredible discounts on monster movies like Let the Right One In, Dawn of the Dead, The Fog and many more! Plus, you can rent Bram Stoker's Dracula for FREE when you visit the Halloween Horror Flicks collection on PlayStation®Store, Saturday, 10/16, from 5 PM PDT through 3 AM PDT 10/17!

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