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Gran Turismo 5 delay a last-minute executive decision, 'you won't see' further delays

Sony America's Taku Imasaki, producer on Gran Turismo 5, recently explained to a positively irate New York Times why the infamously tardy racer was recently bumped from its no, seriously, this time we mean it release date of November 2. "We're really close, but this was an executive decision that was made yesterday [Oct. 12]," Imasaki said. "Realistically, we thought we had a good date. We're not happy over here."

Imasaki later reiterated that Sony "is shooting for it to be out by the holidays," but added, "you won't see too much more delay." We'd ... we'd like to hear a more definitive response than that. Not that we'd, you know, believe it, but still.

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