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Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack coming Nov. 30

Justin McElroy

True story: Just yesterday we were saying, "Huh, not as many people seem to be talking about Halo: Reach lately." Then, this morning we wake up to find that Bungie will be stoking the flames on November 30 with the downloadable Noble Map Pack. Get out of our heads, creeps!

Ten bucks gets you access to three new environments. The first is Tempest (pictured), an abandoned shoreline facility featuring two symmetrical bases for 8 – 16 player fights. Anchor 9, an orbital dry-dock controlled by the UNSC, is a more intimate 2-8 player affair. Finally, there's Breakpoint, a series of frozen, modular archaeological labs for 8-16 players fracases. Oh, and there are 250 more Achievement points to be had, which we know is all you really care about. Monster.

If that's still not enough new Halo, Bungie's challenging fans to make some of their own with the "Forgetacular Map Design Contest," the full details of which are right here. We'd love to participate, but we'll be too busy making foil hats to protect our precious thought waves.

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