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iPad will hit Verizon Wireless and AT&T stores October 28


Don your tin foil hats, conspiracy theorists: Verizon stores will begin selling iPads on October 28th.

There's no CDMA iPad. Big red will be selling iPads bundled with MiFi 2200s. Starting at $US630 for the 16GB model plus a MiFi, the bundles go up to $730 for the 32G model and $830 for the 64GB model.

Here's how the data plan works for these MiFi units. Customers will get a 1GB allowance in exchange for $20/month with no contract. That's a lot better than what I'm paying for my MiFi now, and it's a lot more convenient and warranty-friendly than previous iPad/MiFi combinations.

Meanwhile, AT&T stores will also begin selling iPads on the 28th, though they'll be stocking the 3G variety and not bundling them with external hotspots.

This might not be the Apple/Verizon news you were hoping for, but it's a start. We're big MiFi fans here at TUAW, and getting a mobile hotspot that can support five devices simultaneously definitely compensates for the hassle of carrying a second gadget and charger along.

[Via Engadget]

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