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Minecraft gets its own social network, Minecraftr

Are you guys ready to hear about what might just be the trendiest website in the entirety of the deep, vast internet? Take the immense popularity of Minecraft, throw in a fully-featured, Facebook-esque social network, and then, for good measure, tack on a completely unnecessary consonant to the end of its name. What do you get? Minecraftr, a social hub designed to connect players of the constructive online title, allowing them to create groups, plan events, establish servers and chat through IRC and forums.

Though Minecraft certainly has its share of strengths, finding amateur builders like yourself is something of a chore for new players. If it takes off, Minecraftr might be a great way to wiggle your way into a community -- and then take its grand, intricate creations apart one brick at a time.

[Thanks, Chris!]

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