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My buddy Garrosh here just got control of the Horde while Thrall goes to Nagrand to commune with the elements. He might be gone for a while, so I'm cozying up to the man in charge. I hear the Alliance had a little meeting too, what with all those crazy tablets from Ulduar that Brann found and whatnot. I bet nothing bad can happen due to untested and unknown magical tablets. It's cool, though, since Velen's already got a master plan: Run away. Again. Varian, smack some sense into his giant forehead. Stand and fight!

PPharand asked:

Here's a question for the Queue:

Does receiving the achievement Glory of the Ulduar Raider and the 310 percent drake mount automatically teach us the master 310 percent riding skill even after the 4.0.1 patch?

Looks like any mounts after 4.0.1 are just that -- mounts. The speed at which the mount travels is based on your highest riding skill, so as of Tuesday, the Rusted Proto-drake is a 280 percent speed mount if you have epic flying and 310 percent if you have master riding. At least, that's what it appears is going on. It sucks, but there you go.

Galestrom asked:

What is the deal with feral kitty DPS? =)

You're in the DPS toilet, along with retribution paladins, arms and fury warriors and some types of rogues, but I forgot which. Suffice it to say, melee DPS is getting a pass for damage, considering they are woefully underperforming -- whereas caster DPS classes are overperforming and killing me really quickly in the battlegrounds, about which I am unhappy.

Mrashes asked:

With 4.0.1 here, I have heard the conversation between Wrynn and the alliance leaders, but are those Cataclysm "event" bosses, the Twilight Hammer quest and all of the other pre-Cataclysm events that were seen on the PTR in the game right now?

The events and the resources/elements of those events are definitely in the game right now but are not activated. When we will begin those events is anyone's guess, but I sure hope that it happens before the Hallow's End stuff, because that random dungeon finder is going to get mighty crowded.

It's there; we're just all waiting patiently.

anbilow asked:

Do you think we can expect to see the new cinematic at BlizzCon, or will we have to wait to launch?

I think it is very, very likely that we will see the Cataclysm cinematic at BlizzCon, and I bet it's going to be really, really cool. Actually, I think the cinematic is one of the biggest things that I am looking forward to. They always get me ramped up for the expasions, and I'll never forget seeing The Burning Crusade's cinematic on Spike TV with the live orchestra and everything. I'm a cinematic junkie.

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