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How would you change RIM's BlackBerry Torch?

Darren Murph

It's the first BlackBerry to ship with BB OS 6, and it's the first to boast both a touchpanel and a conventional slide-out QWERTY. But is it capable of standing up to the rest of today's modern smartphones? We definitely had a few bones to pick with RIM's latest flagship device when we reviewed it a few month's back, but if you're a regular, you'll know that this segment isn't about us -- it's about you, particularly if you own a Torch. Are you satisfied with the revised OS? Happy with the touchscreen response? Would you have bumped the screen resolution? Changed the keyboard in any way? Thrown a CDMA module in for Sprint / Verizon support? RIM's betting quite a bit on this new operating system (and this new design), so feel free to sound off in comments below with ideas on how you'd change things for version two dot oh. Keep it classy, though -- cool?

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