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LotRO dev diary explores the heart of Bilbo's darkness


When we first got a peek at the new Haunted Burrow that is coming with next week's fall festival in Lord of the Rings Online, we knew our purpose in Middle-earth: to abandon our quest for Mordor and spend the rest of our days zipping around Bilbo's cellar in a sheet going "WOOOO!" to everyone else. And we bet we're not the only ones.

"That old Mad Baggins has done it again..." begins the most recent LotRO dev diary by Lauren Salk. The concept is that while installing another oven at the Party Tree in the Shire, hobbits found a secret entrance to Bilbo's legendary cellar -- a place where, according to rumors, his vast fortune was stashed.

The idea for a hobbit-themed haunted house started last April and progressed steadily since then, as brand-new art, clever challenges, and a whole lot of love for the Halloween season were implemented. If you like the silly-slash-spooky decorations, Salk is the bearer of good news indeed: "You'll probably be happy to know that you can get a good portion of it as deco for your house!"

For shrieks and giggles, head on over to read the LotRO dev diary and whet your appetite for the fun to come.

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