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Red Dead Redemption DLC and Free Roam mode get standalone retail release

If you're turned off by the prospect of playing through Red Dead Redemption's lengthy single-player storyline, but are significantly turned on by its multiplayer offerings and upcoming zombie-themed expansion, you're about to be very, very pleased. Rockstar has announced that it will release a standalone retail version of the Western epic, featuring the game's Free Roam online multiplayer mode and all of the game's downloadable add-ons.

Titled Undead Nightmare, the $30 retail disc includes -- you guessed it -- the "Undead Nightmare" expansion, as well as the "Outlaws to the End," "Legends and Killers" and "Liars and Cheats" add-ons (the DLC prices of which add up to exactly $30). Much like Rockstar's other DLC compilation, Episodes from Liberty City, the Undead Nightmare disc won't require Red Dead Redemption to play. However, it would probably appreciate the company when introduced to your cold, cliquey video game storage unit.

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