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Vindictus rips out a new trailer for the last part of beta

Eliot Lefebvre

Vindictus is set to officially launch on the 27th of October, but it could be argued that the launch has already happened. After all, while the game is currently in open beta, all levels and money will carry over from this phase of testing to the live launch. That's a fine incentive to go ahead and start playing the game early, but if you're one of the people not quite won over to the game, maybe the latest trailer will help convince you.

Focused from the point of view of the bosses and the newest beta features, the trailer shows off much of what has made players excited about the latest game to come out of Nexon. The open beta can be downloaded off the official site, and since everything earned in this phase of testing carries over, now's a fine time to start your adventures in Vindictus -- after you check out the trailer past the break.

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