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WoW Moviewatch: Hearts Nether Lie: Episode 1

Gregg Reece

Michael Gray wasn't available today due to something involving a pathological fear of soap operas, so I'm filling in and bringing you the first episode of Hearts Nether Lie, a WoW-based soap opera. If you remember, the preview for the series came out in late September, promising romance, betrayal and good-natured satire of both World of Warcraft and the soap opera genre.

This comes from Nananea, who brought you WoW Addons: The Song, and does a good job of spoofing the Netherstorm quest line involving Archmage Vargoth. This was a great first episode, as it showed good production quality, fun gags and a certain campiness that the high elves call ... I don't know what. I'll definitely be looking forward to the next episode to see how the series develops.

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