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Xbox holiday bundle with Forza 3, downloadable Alan Wake headed to multiple territories


Just in case you were worried that there weren't quite enough Xbox 360 bundles to choose from, it looks like Microsoft has another one headed down the pike. The bundle in question includes a 250GB Xbox 360 S console as well as Alan Wake and the eternal pack-in, Forza Motorsport 3. The image above -- pulled directly from one of Microsoft's retailer resource services -- is denoted as a Canadian bundle.

Siliconera also reports that the bundle has been announced for South Korea at a price of 398,000 won ($356). A tipster has informed Kotaku that the bundle is available in Europe as well, retailing for €250 ($348). We've contacted Microsoft to find out if the bundle is coming stateside as well.

One intriguing note about the bundle: It doesn't actually include a physical copy of Alan Wake, instead offering a code to download the game in its entirety (see a close-up image in the gallery below). While it's likely to be a Games on Demand title in the near future, it's also worth noting that Remedy has expressed interest in releasing the game in downloadable episodes, a la Fable 2.

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