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Steve Jobs friends Mark Zuckerberg to talk about Ping


The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Steve Jobs invited Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to his house for dinner a few weeks ago. The dinner is presumed to have been a meeting about Ping and Facebook integration. Despite getting over one million users in 48 hours, Ping has yet to gain much traction in the social networking world.

Ping is designed to follow your friends and find what music they like. Right now, finding your friends is a bit of a pain, but if Ping users could find their friends via Facebook Connect it would do much to increase Ping membership and use.

When Ping first launched, Facebook Connect access was briefly implemented before being quickly blocked by Facebook. A few days later Steve Jobs told All Things Digital that Facebook had "onerous terms that we could not agree to" regarding Facebook friends connecting on Ping. But just two weeks ago Facebook CTO Bret Taylor told Silicon Alley Insider that he's "very confident" that the two companies could find common ground to work together.

The Times article interestingly points out that years ago Apple was Facebook's first big commercial sponsor through its Apple Students group. But, as we've learned from a certain movie, many of Facebook's original friends have become enemies. Let's hope the dinner has brought two of the biggest names in tech closer together (and come up with a Facebook iPad app in the process).

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