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Trick or treat or high-velocity death: Global Agenda takes on Halloween


In the future, nobody can hear you scream -- but that's mostly because everybody's shooting noisy pulse rifles all willy-nilly. Even though Global Agenda skews more toward sci-fi than horror, it doesn't mean that the two can't form a temporary alliance.

To celebrate the holiday, Global Agenda is rolling out a specially-themed defense raid from October 27th through the 31st. Defense raids are 10-man missions that require a team to defend a point from waves of invaders. This particular Halloween raid -- available for players level 30 and above -- is notable for its quirky loot: 13 new Halloween masks are available as drops through this mission only, and any team that downs the final boss will receive an additional mask as a bonus.

Unfamiliar with defense raids? Hi-Rez Studios created a quick two-minute dev blog of these special missions, which you can watch after the jump.

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