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Harvestmath, Hobbits and hauntings: LotRO's fall festival starts tomorrow


Middle-earth may be a naturally horrifying place at times, but the Free Peoples have a talent for making the best of a bad situation with an abundance of festivals, parties and general merry-making. Tomorrow kicks off the annual fall festival in Lord of the Rings Online, and with it a number of upgrades and additions to an already-popular event.

The festival -- also called Harvestmath -- is featuring for the first time Bilbo's cellar, which the locals have renovated into a "Haunted Burrow" of sorts. Here, players can explore the twists and turns of a not-too-scary funhouse, discover secret passages and complete quests for prizes and cool new cosmetic items.

Harvestmath also features plenty of other activities for a Hobbit looking to have a good time -- apple-bobbing, reputation quests, new deeds, pie-eating contests, dancing and feasts out the wazoo are ripe for the taking. Read Massively's 2008 guide to this festival, and brush up on the new Haunted Burrow with a recent LotRO dev diary!

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