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New Apple TV won't play nice with older HDTVs


A failure to read the specs carefully on the second generation Apple TV unit could lead to heartbreak, as many users report in a support forum thread that trying to plug the hockey puck into a HDMI-to-DVI cable and many HDTVs that may not support 720p sources leads to a distorted, wavy, picture. The specs for the second gen unit do specifically call out HDMI and 720p 50/60Hz compatibility as a requirement, but for many who are replacing first gen Apple TVs that worked just fine in the same setup it's a hard pill to swallow. However, all is not lost, as some users report that running the signal through certain HDMI switchers first resolved their issues. Of course, some may wonder why you're still holding onto an HDTV from the Bush (or maybe even Clinton) Administration anyway, but not us -- we understand loyalty.

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