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T-Mobile myTouch 4G ROM leak includes teaser video, speed-enhanced moniker

Ross Miller

We always thought it was peculiar that T-Mobile's third myTouch phone would be simply called "myTouch," especially when earlier leaks tacked on "HD" for good measure. Aspects of the device's ROM leak suggests that isn't necessarily the case -- or, at least, it wasn't always. A teaser video (presented in a phone-friendly, portrait resolution) was found wading through the lines of code, serving to both highlight key features (genius button, HD camcorder, video chat, screen sharing) and conclude with a differentiating designation: myTouch 4G. That 4G would be in reference to HSPA+, of course, whether or not its competition sees things as such. For all we know, though, this could be an earlier version of the footage and 4G has since been dropped from, rather than added to, its official handle. Then again, what's in a name? That which we call a myTouch by any other name would surely run as swift. Video after the break.

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