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Hydro Thunder Hurricane 'Tempest Pack' available Oct. 27


Transforming supership news now, with the announcement of an October 27 release date for the "Tempest Pack," a new add-on for Xbox Live Arcade's well-received racer, Hydro Thunder Hurricane. According to developer Vector Unit, the 400 MSP ($5) pack will introduce two new boats -- "the super-agile Whiplash and the slip-slidery Psyclone" -- and three more imaginative race tracks.

If you're happy to pay for a trio of route canals, you'll end up hurtling through the Bermuda Triangle, into the lost city of Atlantis and past the boisterous bastions of Castle Von Boom. Those besotted with naval gazing will also welcome new skins for all the original boats, along with six expert-class variants of the lower-end boats, allowing you to compete effectively online with any selection. (Not against us, of course.)

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