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MSI WindPad tablet design concepts rendered, available in your choice of innie or outie

Tim Stevens

It's a bit odd to see a gadget go from sitting in your hand to sitting in the output file of some renderer but, if images uncovered by are as legit as they're said to be, MSI looks to be thinking a redesign for its upcoming WindPad tablet. Two different versions are shown, one with a chromed bezel that's not entirely unlike the one we played with previously, and another with what looks to be edges that are not convex but instead concave, which actually seems like it could be quite nice for carrying whilst sauntering about the penthouse. On the back is a raised black surface that surely can't be glass... right? Anyhow, there's no being sure of the legitimacy of these renders, but both look respectable enough to show up on this tablet whenever it shows up at retail, supposedly by the end of the year.

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