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NCsoft releases Aion Exchange app for iOS

Jef Reahard

NCsoft has taken the wraps off another portion of its mobile platform offensive as today marked the unveiling of the new Aion Exchange app for Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iOS devices. The app provides live access to the fantasy MMO's broker system, as well as options for viewing your character info, statistics, and equipment.

The broker feature includes an item search as well as price lists, a wish list, and push notifications that will alert you to sales without the need to log into the game or open the app. Finally, Aion Exchange features a comprehensive item listing that boasts info about each piece of equipment available in game. Chris Hager, NCsoft West producer, sees the app as the first step in extending the world of Atreia beyond the desktop. "We see this application as an extension of the game and we will continually support and update the service offering with future feature updates," he said.

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