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New Kindle app for Macs adds many desired features

Mel Martin

I do most of my reading of books purchased from Amazon on my iPad, but there are times where my laptop and desktop Mac would be just dandy for catching up on my non dead-tree efforts.

Amazon has released a new version of Kindle for Mac, and it brings the Mac version up to feature parity with the iOS versions. The new version includes these capabilities:

  • Add, edit or delete notes and highlights
  • Search for words or phrases in a book
  • Multi-column text is now supported
  • The overall look and feel are improved and a bit more contemporary

The update is free of course, and a quick download. I'd like to use the Apple iBookstore more often, but the selection of books just isn't there. Also, Apple doesn't even have an app that will let you access your iBooks on Mac desktops or laptops, which is a pretty big omission in my view.

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