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Report: Android ad revenue beats iPhone, iOS and smartphone market still growing


Millenial Media has released its latest report on cross-platform mobile advertising, and the iPhone has lost another step on the Android platform. According to Millenial's reporting, revenue for advertising from the Android platform has exceeded iPhone-only revenue. That's not quite as bad as it sounds -- the Android platform, as we already know, has outstripped the iPhone in terms of user numbers, just because there are so many more available handsets and carriers for those devices. Android ad requests, according to the company, are up a crazy 1283% since January of this year, and have gone up 26% month over month.

That's not to say that iOS is slouching -- its revenue growth increased 316% in the last quarter, and impression growth increased by 156%. Apple is still the leading device manufacturer on the network, with a 30% market share, and the company makes two of the top four "connected devices" in the iPad and the iPod touch, with the Sony PSP and PS3 rounding out that list.

It's also interesting to note that smartphone impressions overall are still growing -- this isn't a down and dirty fight between the manufacturers yet, as there are still new customers to grab out there. Smartphone impression share went up 7% month-over-month, so this is still a growing market.

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