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Sony giving away Killzone 3 beta keys on Twitter

If you're jonesing for entry keys into the Killzone 3 beta, but don't feel like ponying up for the PlayStation Plus membership required to be eligible for early access, Sony's offering social networking mavens another, thriftier opportunity. If you're all up on that Twitter, you can be eligible for one of 150 beta codes by Tweeting "@killzonedotcom Please include me in the Killzone 3 beta! My PSN ID is [your PSN ID] #killzone3 #scea" (If you live in Europe, replace #scea with #scee. Jurisdictions, and all that jazz.)

The codes will be distributed by October 22, but if you don't manage to snag one from Sony, we'll have some a bit later this week. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed, and also our Facebook page, and you should also probably listen to our podcast, and, now that we think about it, you should probably just follow us around on the street.

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