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The future of Tweetie and the Mac


A tweet from @MacHeist provides clarification on another tweet from Twitter founder Evan Williams. Williams commented a few days ago that Twitter was not "actively investing" in Tweetie for the Mac at this time.

Williams' tweet caused quite a stir. Since the acquisition of Tweetie for iPhone and the app's conversion into Twitter's official app for iPhone and iPad, the Mac version of Tweetie has collected a good bit of dust and now lacks the up-to-date features found in its mobile siblings.

MacHeist director John Casasanta was even surprised by Williams' tweet, because he reports being in contact with Tweetie's developer, Loren Brichter. The good news? Tweetie 2 for the Mac is alive and well, even though work has slowed due to the Twitter acquisitions of the mobile products. There's still no word about when it'll be released, but we'll be sure to let you know when it's out.

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