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Acer Chairman says iPad impact not serious

Mel Martin

At a recent talk in Taiwan, Chairman J.T. Wang said he believes demand for netbooks is stable except in the US and the UK. I'm sure that is his hope and fondest dream.

Wang said he thought that early sales of the iPad were simply the result of a rush for the new device. He added that most iPad users were switching to desktops and laptops to write text documents or spreadsheets.

When asked about Acer's loss of market share, the Chairman replied that the drop was "...mainly due to competitors cutting prices to compete, and that Acer did not follow suit."

The report, carried in DigiTimes, noted that the Acer tablet is behind schedule. It will supposedly have a 7" screen and be based on Android. Wang says the company is waiting for "related technologies to mature."

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said earlier this week that 7" tablets are not terribly usable, despite rumors that Apple has been working on a tablet of that size.

[Via Electronista]

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