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Amazon Lightning Deals strike games today, Super Street Fighter IV now $25

It's about time you upgraded that boring ol' Normal Street Fighter IV for its Super counterpart, isn't it? Amazon's current Deal of the Day will let you do so at the significantly reduced price of $25, while the retailer's Lightning Deals are marking down other titles throughout the day.

Here's the list of hints for the upcoming sales. See what you can suss out:

  • 6am PDT (Sold Out!) - Hint: A different kind of first-person shooter. (Cabela's North American Adventures)
  • 8am PDT - Hint: Follow the continuing combat adventures of misfits of the US Army's Company B. (Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for Xbox 360
  • 10am PDT - Hint: It's hard to be a Gangster.
  • Noon PDT - Hint: Take on the role of the original Big Daddy.
  • 3pm PDT - Hint: From the creative minds behind Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X.
  • 5pm PDT - Hint: Top of the line headset for all your gaming needs.
  • 6pm PDT - Hint: Trolling for a great deal? Look no further.
  • 8pm PDT - Hint: Take to the air like no other game.

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