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T-Mobile G2 overclocked to 1.4GHz, starts blitzing benchmarks (video)

Tim Stevens

Well now, that didn't take very long. T-Mobile's G2 (aka the HTC Vision) has been let off its leash, and there's no getting it back now. XDA-developers member coolbho3000 has posted his overclock module, which takes an already fast phone and make it considerably more perky. He started at a modest 1GHz, but kept on pushing up to 1.42GHz -- though there's potential to go even higher. All this despite T-Mobile's attempts at preventing hacking, but certainly seeming to allow for a fair bit of tweaking. You can download all you need at the source link, or if you'd rather just live vicariously there's video proof after the break.

[Thanks, Brandon]

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