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Wipeout dev seeks designer with racing game experience


Following a hiring surge in late July for an apparent "action" project, SCE Studio Liverpool is once again in need of a senior designer with "an encyclopedic knowledge of games," only this time with an "especially racing" kind of intelligence. Said know-it-all should have put this in-brained database to good use, too, and must have "shipped at least one successful racing title within a senior design role."

According to GamesRadar, an earlier version of the job listing was more candid, describing the position as one in which the new hire would "work with a talented and experienced team on a high profile, futuristic racing franchise." Though it's unclear what prompted the edit (was that a spoiler?), Studio Liverpool's newest designer will likely be working on the WipEout franchise.

Earlier this year, Studio Liverpool underwent a drastic reduction in size, with reportedly half of all staff laid off. Shortly before the restructuring, Sony confirmed that a number of projects within the studio had been canceled. Studio Liverpool's last significant release was the WipEout HD add-on "Fury" in mid-2009 -- unless you count this summer's grand opening of the "WipEout Museum" ... in PlayStation Home.

[Pictured: Studio Liverpool; source: SCE Worldwide Studios]

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