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5TH Cell counting down to XBLA announcement [update]


Scribblenauts developer 5TH Cell is about to reveal its next game, which it has been teasing for almost a year -- but there's a bit more teasing to do before that happens. The developer posted a seven-day countdown for the title on its site, revealing in a press release that the end of the countdown -- Thursday, October 28 at 10pm PDT Friday, October 29 at 1am EDT and 1am PDT -- will coincide with the reveal of the new title on Spike TV. A brief teaser will also be shown tonight.

According to the press release, the game will be "a completely new experience for Xbox Live Arcade players." 5TH Cell's Jeremiah Slaczka has previously told Joystiq that the company's next original game would use the Source Engine. We'll find out more in ... seven days, and counting.

Update: 5TH Cell informed us that it sent out the incorrect time yesterday. You'll be able to see the reveal on Friday, October 29 at 1am EDT/PDT.

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