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Acer's Liquid Metal spotted in the wild, chilling with two mystery friends

Tim Stevens

The last we heard about Acer's Liquid Metal smartphone, an Android 2.2 unit with a 3.6-inch display and a lovely aluminum exterior, it was getting ready for a UK launch at the end of October. There's just a little over a week left to meet that date, and all we have to show are some decidedly unofficial photos from Droid Sans. The first pic, above, shows off a very smudged up looking Liquid Metal (or what is said to be a Liquid Metal at least), but after that are photos of two mystery devices. The first of those (pictured below) has the same... distinctively lengthy form factor of the GW990, while the other device is a tablet that we've not laid eyes on before. It looks to be running Android 2.2 (or later) and is said to be "big enough to shift the iPad." We're not sure exactly how to parse that bit of auto-translation, but maybe it's a coded reference to JT Wang's prediction of doom for the iPad's market share.

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