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EA gets Chillingo, but not Angry Birds


Electronic Arts' purchase of publisher Chillingo doesn't include the IP rights to Angry Birds. Speaking with TechCrunch, developer Rovio Mobile's Peter Vesterbacka said that its relationship with Chillingo never went past the iOS versions of the game. Vesterbacka explained, "We will not use Chillingo again."

It would seem the company's need for a publisher has diminished since striking gold with Angry Birds, which has sold 6.5 million copies on the App Store. Rovio has self-published Android and Nokia versions of Angry Birds, as well as its latest iOS title: Angry Birds Halloween. Chillingo's rights to each of its published games would be on a per contract basis, but what EA definitely got for its ducats was the company's Crystal gaming network platform and all its data gathering potential.

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