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En Masse revamps TERA website, adds dev blog and class skill videos

Jef Reahard

TERA's visual style is a big part of the forthcoming title's identity. From the high poly-count graphics to the controversial outfits and animations, En Masse Entertainment's Asian import is covered in a shiny, shimmering gloss. Earlier this week, the publisher revamped TERA's official website to match, doing away with the older Flash design for a sleeker, slicker content-focused look.

The site boasts an array of new features, including a new developer blog section and a media area with several new class videos viewable among the entries. In addition to the game's trailers, check out the skill-based videos for the various classes, including Lancer, Berserker, Priest, Slayer, Archer, Mystic, Warrior, and Sorcerer (the last of which you can also view after the cut).

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