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TUAW TV Live redux: New MacBook Air unboxing video


If you attended our liveblog of yesterday's Back to the Mac event, you were introduced to Sam Levin, a Bay Area PR guy who also happens to love Apple products. Sam was our man-on-the-street for the liveblog, sitting in the audience and giving us a firsthand view of the proceedings.

On his way out of the keynote venue, Sam noticed a table with a pile of Apple retail bags -- a very large pile of bags -- so he walked over to see what was going on. It turns out that Steve Jobs' invitation to the press to get a hands-on demo of the new MacBook Air was actually an invitation to take one home for two months. Sam picked up an 11" model and headed for his home office.

Shortly after Victor Agreda and I finished up our TUAW TV Live stint talking about the event, Sam was ready to do the typical Apple fanboy thing -- an unboxing of the MacBook Air. If you missed the live video yesterday afternoon, now's your chance to see just how thin that new device really is. Sam compares it side by side with an iPad, boots it up (note that it takes a long time for the 11" model to boot, but it's pretty fast after that), and even does a quick FaceTime chat with me on my Mac.

The video is on the next page; click the Read More link to view it.

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