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BlizzCon 2010 goody bag packs miniature world-splitter


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Sure, Deathwing might pose a huge threat to the World of Warcraft, but we don't see much harm in all the little Dethlings BlizzCon 2010 attendees will receive and evetually take home. What's the worst that could happen -- they crack the plumbing? As part of this year's goody bag, con questers will receive a miniature Deathwing (pictured), an in-game Murloc pet with Deathwing mask, an account-hack preventing Blizzard authenticator and other various trinkets.

The in-game murloc pet for WoW appears to have become a goody bag standard for BlizzCon, with last year's attendees receiving the little gurgler wearing a StarCraft 2 marine uniform.

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