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CCP showcases the EVE community's creativity in a new monthly devblog


Whether you like EVE Online or hate it, it's hard to deny that the game's community produces some incredible creative works. We've seen examples of the community's creative output in a myriad of forms, from impressive videos and fiction to useful tools and websites. In recognition of the community's ongoing efforts, EVE Online's Associate Community Manager CCP Fallout has started a new monthly devblog series highlighting the community's creative accomplishments. In the first installment of this new blog series, CCP Fallout discusses two of her favourite EVE websites -- EVE News 24 and Skill Training Complete.

Covering all the recent goings-on in the world of EVE politics, EVE News 24 is a great way to keep up-to-date with what's happening in New Eden. Skill Training Complete is an innovative tool that allows players to ask and answer questions about EVE Online, giving newer players a great new way to shortcut the game's infamously steep learning curve. Fallout makes a special note about the EVE Blog Pack, an invaluable community resource maintained by social media guru and long-time EVE player CrazyKinux. Visit the EVE devblog page to read more about the new monthly blog series, and stay tuned for next month's installment when CCP will be looking at the amazing artwork EVE players create that blows them away.

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