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Interplay says Bethesda turned down chance to purchase Fallout MMO

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Interplay president Eric Caen claims that Interplay attempted to sell full Fallout rights to Bethesda, only to be turned down.

The latest news in the ongoing legal battle says that former Interplay president Hervé Caen offered the full rights to Bethesda for $50 million. Bethesda rejected the offer on the grounds that the price was too high, negotiating a lower price for everything except the MMO rights. There were conditions for development of the MMO attached to the deal, which Bethesda claims that Interplay has not met.

Eric Caen has his own thoughts on these claims: "I think Bethesda, off the back of Fallout 3's success, realised that Hervé was probably right about the value. They said: 'OK, how can we get that without paying?'""

Interplay is continuing work on Fallout Online with a projected release date of 2012, as the legal investigations continue.


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