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LEGO Universe releases lots of launch goodies

The doors to the LEGO Universe have been thrown open in the EU as of today, where LEGO maniacs are starting their own journey into the lands that NetDevil created. Meanwhile, those in North America who didn't get in on the Founder's pre-order must continue to wait for the launch on Tuesday, October 26th. But have no fear, Massively readers. If you're looking for more information on the game beyond the First Impressions piece we published yesterday (and the two smaller impression pieces on the Gnarled Forest and Forbidden Valley prior), then we've got you covered.

Indeed, NetDevil sent us a veritable deluge of new stuff, including trailers, a literal "making the DVD" video, the opening cinematic (voiced by Sir Patrick Stewart, even), and a plethora of screenshots -- you know, in case the 131 screenshots we took for our First Impressions weren't enough. For those awaiting their copy of the game, this should help pass the time a bit. You'll find all the shiny LEGO Universe video newness tucked behind the break, and the bricktastic gallery below.

Gallery: LEGO Universe Main Gallery | 136 Photos

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