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Fable 3: Kingmaker hits 60K users, millionth 'flag' planted


Microsoft is trumpeting the fact that its UK-only mobile phone game, Fable 3: Kingmaker, has amassed some 60,000 loyal subjects users. The app uses geolocation to let players fight over virtual territory in real-world London in exchange for gold in Fable 3 on Xbox 360, which launches in the territory on October 29th. Players "plant flags" at specific locations, and Microsoft says that one million have been planted since Kingmaker's release on October 1st.

Not surprisingly, a Windows Phone 7 version of the game has been confirmed as hitting "later this holiday" -- again, in the UK only.

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LONDON – 22 October 2010 - The millionth flag has been planted in Fable III: Kingmaker as the battle between Royal foot soldiers and Rebel warriors spreads across Europe, with over sixty thousand players now taking part in what can only be described as a virtual land grab of epic proportion.

Free to download, Fable III: Kingmaker is the new geo-location based mobile game which was launched earlier this month and allows you to fight as either a Rebel or a Royal as you battle to reign supreme in the land of Europa.

By simply tagging your location and planting a virtual flag using the GPS facility on your smart phone, you can stake a claim to unclaimed or opposing team territory and earn gold which you can spend in the full game of Fable III is released on Xbox 360. Over sixty four million pieces of gold have already been earned by players eager to build their bank balance before the full game hits stores on October 29th.

After all, to build an empire you need the backing of the bank – so whether you opt to save the cash and invest in industrial empire that will employ your loyal minions, buy a gypsy caravan and a crate of wine in a friend-finding mission, or just invest in a nice new bed for you and your spouse to... share... you get to choose how you spend the gold earned in Fable III: Kingmaker.

If you're a savvy sovereign you'll do well to find the hidden treasures which can earn you up to 5,000 pieces of gold that can go towards your booze collection. So far over eighteen thousand treasure chests have already been discovered lurking in hobbles, holes and alleyways, but keep checking into for more info!

It's not too late to join the fight as the Rebels attempt to take the lead from under the foot of Royal soldiers who currently lead the battle in the Europa land grab, but it's changing every day. Available in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Sweden - "Fable III: Kingmaker" will be available on Windows Phone 7: the only phone that lets you play games with Xbox LIVE – later this holiday, and is currently available on a number of operating platforms as a free application download** on over 60 devices***.

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