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BlizzCon 2010: Update on man injured during dance contest

Anne Stickney

BlizzCon 2010 is officially over! While most enjoyed their fun and games, one player wasn't quite so lucky. We ran a report earlier this weekend about a man who had injured himself in the dance competition, falling to the stage twice and not getting up the second time around. The next day, we caught up with the dancer named Daniel, aka Darkdarius, an orc hunter from the guild <Obsessive> of Bladefist (US-H), who was thankfully on his feet and hanging out with the rest of his guild. Daniel was happy to give us a brief interview about his injury.

So Daniel, what happened exactly? The footage looked pretty brutal.

I was just jumping around [performing the undead male dance] and I fell. I got back up, but the second time I fell, I just heard a pop and I couldn't bend my leg at all, so they had to carry me offstage. It kind of felt a little embarassing.

Did you go to the hospital immediately after?

No, first I went to the first aid person at the convention center and she checked up on me. Then after that, I went to the emergency room and they checked me out, then told me that I broke a ligament in my leg.

Ouch! How long are you going to be in that cast?

Well, I still have to go back home to Arizona and I'm going to have to have surgery on my leg. Then I'll probably be in a brace for a couple of days.

Glad to hear it's not a major break. So would you call this a BlizzCon to remember?

[laughing] Yeah. I just can't wait to see all the YouTube comments!

Daniel and the rest of his guild appeared to be in high spirits despite his injury and were more than willing to pose for a photo, throwing up the horns in true undead style. Thank you to Daniel and the rest of the crew from <Obsessive> for the opportunity to chat, and from all of us at WoW Insider, get well soon!

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