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Red Dead Redemption readies for zombie infestation with title update 1.05


Ahead of tomorrow's Undead Nightmare DLC release, Rockstar has amended Red Dead Redemption with an automatic title update. Undramatically named "Title Update 1.05," the free digital addition to RDR brings with it "Friendly Free Roam" mode (the same as Free Roam, just without all the player-on-player murder), as well as a mess of fixes for everything from griefing to missing co-op Achievements.

Given that the patch also adds some preparations for tomorrow's DLC, Title Update 1.05 is a mandatory update before you start wranglin' the undead. Head past the break for the nitty gritty details on everything the update includes.

  • Friendly Free Roam now available for those that wish to play with player-vs-player killing disabled
  • Markers in preparation for Land Grab in Free Roam, which will be available next week with the installation of Undead Nightmare DLC
  • Fix for issues with Days Passed being reset
  • Fix for co-op achievements not advancing after passing into legend
  • Fix for players griefing by voting each other out of the game in Poker and Liar's Dice
  • Permanent clientside unlock for Redemption and Damnation characters (can use them on System Link without Internet connection)
  • Poker and Grand Prix Leaderboards fixed to correct information displayed

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