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Cataclysm to include outdoor heroic 5-man bosses

Matthew Rossi

In vanilla and BC, there were world bosses like Azuregos and Doomwalker that spawned out in the open world and could be taken down by a raid. While these bosses were often farmed by the highest progression guilds on the servers, they were often so quickly killed and so long in respawning that not many players got to see them. Now, in Cataclysm, a new take on this idea is being implemented.

Valnoth - Re: Thank you for the outdoor raid bosses
Q u o t e:
No, I'm not being sarcastic. I am genuinely happy that they have been brought back in Cataclysm since they really do play a part in developing a server's community, especially when there is more than one guild that's capable of putting out enough people to down them. And going by the health of the current ones, they seem to be balanced towards a 10-man raid which means a lot of people will be able to actually have a shot at getting them. Here's to some competition and some good-natured trash-talking between guilds come Cataclysm. \o/

There are a COUPLE of these bosses in Cataclysm, but they're not true outdoor raid bosses. They're just much harder group bosses that drop heroic dungeon level items and specialty items. Have fun!

Valnoth later responds to a player's concerns that these bosses will definitely be doable by a five-player group and are not intended as true raid bosses. Frankly, while I loved farming Azuregos, the Dragons of Nightmare and Kazzak back in the day, it was really a drag trying to do them with smaller-than-optimal raid groups in order to beat other guilds. There was a lot of griefing, and the spawn rates were terrible. Hopefully, with their being made heroic 5-man quality, they'll be able to spawn more often and more people will have a shot at them.

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