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iOS devices top survey of UK children's most-wanted gifts


The hottest toy in the UK this year isn't a stuffed animal or a dress-up doll -- it's an Apple device. The top three spots on a list of most-wanted gifts in the UK were taken by Apple's iOS devices, with 39% of kids and parents polled saying that iPhones, iPods, and iPads were wanted under the tree this year. Not that they need it -- the same survey found that kids today also had 39 different toys and games to play with -- more than twice as many as their parents had when they were younger.

The iPhone 4 comes in at the top of the list (naturally, contract included, it's the most expensive of them all), followed by the iPod touch and the iPad. Microsoft's Kinect system for Xbox and Playstation's Move controller are also on the list, further down, and the Flip video camera makes an appearance as well.

Of course, these are wishlists, not actual gift purchases -- just because kids want the iPhone 4 doesn't mean Santa is going to shell out for it.

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