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LEGO Universe launch day roundup

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Many of us at Massively have been looking forward to the launch of LEGO Universe, and we're pretty sure a lot of you have too. Most of us never really outgrow LEGO bricks, so translating them into an MMO format seems like a recipe for fun.

The months leading up to today's launch have been full of opportunities to check out the game -- we took multiple trips into the world of LEGO Universe to check out different areas and report on what we found. In between were interviews, some awards, and an avalanche of images and trailers.

Follow along after the jump for the highlights of the past months, from the launch date announcement to the heaps of just-before-launch-day goodies!

LEGO Universe announces launch date of October 26th
We just got word today that LEGO Universe will be launching to pre-order "Founders" on October 12th, and to everyone else on October 26th
We interview creative director Ryan Seabury
We spoke with the guys at NetDevil to get a scoop on some of the unique features to look forward to, including customization, safety, levels of building, and their behavior system.
LEGO Universe First Impressions
In an interesting move, the team at NetDevil has decided to drop the NDA one zone at a time, thereby allowing us to give you some early impressions of the game while it's still in beta.
PAX 2010: How to build LEGO Universe, piece by piece
At PAX, LEGO was kind enough to give me a personal guided tour through this universe of adventure and creativity.
First Impressions: LEGO Universe's Forbidden Valley
Curious about how this new area in LEGO Universe stacks up? Join me after the break as we navigate the dangerous lands of the Forbidden Valley.
LEGO Universe lets pre-order customers start extra early
Starting at 10:08 a.m. EDT on Friday, October 8th, the pre-order customers known in community terms as "Founders" will be able to log in and start playing the game, allowing them full access over the weekend
LEGO Universe nabs three awards and steals Germany's heart
LEGO Universe picked up three awards in Germany lately, adding to the as-of-yet unreleased MMO's pile of accolades.
Another First Impressions: LEGO Universe
We venture again into the world of LEGO Universe
LEGO Universe releases lots of launch goodies
NetDevil sent us a veritable deluge of new stuff, including trailers, a literal "making the DVD" video, the opening cinematic (voiced by Sir Patrick Stewart, even), and a plethora of screenshots.

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