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New DCUO video details Metropolis Police Department

Jef Reahard

DC Universe Online may have been delayed from its original November 2010 start date, but the SOE marketing department is still faster than a speeding bullet (and arguably more powerful than a locomotive). Lately we've been privy to everything from voiceover videos with the game's star-studded audio cast, to new screenshots galore, to fly-through videos of the expansive game world.

Today brings another fly-through clip, this time showcasing the Metropolis Police Department that functions as an in-game hub for your characters. In addition to footage in and around the station, the video also provides a bit of background on the use of the wanted posters inside the station. The posters provide lore about DCUO's more noteworthy personalities as well as serve a gameplay function by helping you track them down for various missions. Check out the full video after the break.

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