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Parasite Eves infecting Japanese PSN next month

Square Enix has been dancing around the prospect of bringing its supernatural survival horror RPG Parasite Eve to the PSN for a while now -- but at last, it seems the dance has concluded. The publisher recently announced that the series' debut outing will arrive on the PSOne Classics storefront on Nov. 4, while Parasite Eve 2 will arrive shortly thereafter on November 18. Both arrive before the December 22 launch of The 3rd Birthday -- but who cares about that one? You haven't played it before. Bo-ring.

Feel free to get excited about this news, but keep in mind that Square Enix's titles have an awfully difficult time with making their way from the Japanese PSN to the American PSN. (Here's looking at you, Brave Fencer Musashi, Einhander, Vagrant Story and like, a billion others.)

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