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PlayStation Phone leak reveals prototype device, platform details


Could this be it? The long-rumored PlayStation Phone appears to have taken a giant leap towards being real, thanks to these incredible pictures sent to Engadget. Although the slide-out D-Pad and PlayStation face buttons make it look very similar to a PSP Go, the Android-loaded device is considerably more powerful, sporting a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 chip and 512MB of RAM. (The PSP, by comparison, has a 333MHz processor with 32MB of RAM.)

You can also see what looks to be the PS button underneath the D-Pad (with placeholder marking) and the big, rounded rectangle in the middle is reportedly a touch-sensitive strip capable of mimicking dual-analog input.

This prototype device certainly looks like the real deal, but the lack of a custom Android skin and any obvious PSP branding raises even more questions. When will this device be ready, let alone announced? How much will it be? Maybe most importantly, what kind of games will be compatible with it?

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